JetBrains Fleet 1.34 Help

Build .NET projects

JetBrains Fleet builds .NET projects using MSBuild. It will detect and use the most recent MSBuild version installed on your machine, but you can choose any other MSBuild version.

Configure MSBuild version

  1. Press ⌘ , and switch to the tab with the solution settings.

  2. Make sure that the proper MSBuild version is selected:

    MSBuild version is configurable in JetBrains Fleet settings

Build projects

  1. Select View | Tools | Solution from the menu to open the Solution tool.

  2. To build only some projects, select them in the Solution tree, right-click the selection, and choose Build Project.

  3. If you right-click the solution node, you can choose one of the following build actions:

    • Build Solution to build all projects in the solution.

    • Clean Solution to recursively remove all build artifacts from the solution directory.

    • Rebuild Solution to remove all build artifacts and then build all projects in the solution.

Last modified: 11 February 2024