JetBrains Fleet 1.36 Help

Run and debug C# unit tests

JetBrains Fleet helps you run and debug unit tests from the most common .NET testing frameworks: NUnit, MSTests v2, and xUnit.

Discover and execute tests in the current document

JetBrains Fleet discovers unit test classes and single unit tests of all supported frameworks right in the editor and adds the corresponding action indicators next to each item in the editor:

JetBrains Fleet shows action indicators for unit tests in the editor

When you click those indicators, you can choose to run or debug the corresponding test or all tests in a test class.

Run unit tests in different scopes

You can also run unit tests for the desired part of the solution from the Solution tool — right-click the solution node, or alternatively, one or more selected project nodes or C# files that contain unit tests, and choose Run Unit Tests from the context menu.

Analyze test results

Independently of how you've started the tests, you will see the results of each run in a tool window. In this view, you can study the results of the selected failed test, double-click tests to locate their source in the editor, or click Rerun to start all executed tests again.

JetBrains Fleet: Unit test execution results

After the execution, tests can have one of three states: Passed, Failed, and Ignored. The toolbar icons show the number of tests in each state, and you can also click them to only show tests in the desired state.

Last modified: 11 February 2024