JetBrains Fleet 1.36 Help

Set up a Git repository

You can clone projects using the Clone from Git option on the welcome screen.

Clone From Git option on welcome screen

If you already work on a project and want to clone another one, choose File | New Window in the main menu to open the welcome screen with the cloning option.

Clone a repository

  1. From the Workspaces menu, select Clone from Git.

    Clone from Git menu item
  2. In Source URL and Location fields, specify the repository URL and the desired git-clone location.

    Welcome screen with clone credentials
  3. Click Clone.

Fleet opens the cloned project in a new window.

Customize Git settings

To customize Git-related project settings, press ⌘ , to open Preferences, then open Git section.

Global settings

The Global settings section contains general Git settings.

Git Global settings

Check the necessary options to switch them on:

  • Show changes in the gutter: indicate the lines with the local changes.

  • Auto-fetch repositories: fetch changes from the remote repository in the set time interval.

  • Show confirmation on push: enable notifications that inform whether push was successful.

  • Show confirmation on revert: enable notification that informs whether revert was successful.

Project settings

The project section is indicated by the name of the project that is currently open:

Git currently open project settings

The list of settings depends on the particular project.

Last modified: 11 February 2024