GoLand 2018.1 Help

Extract Superclass Dialog

Refactor | Extract Superclass

Extract superclass fromThis read-only field shows the name of the source package that contains the class to extract a superclass from.
Extract superclassWhen this option is selected, GoLand extracts a new superclass but does not use it immediately and the source code is not changed.
Superclass nameIn this text box, type the name for the new superclass. The text box is available if the Extract superclass option is selected.
Extract superclass and use it where possible Select this option to have a superclass extracted and immediately applied to the source code, with the suggested changes displayed in the dedicated tab of the Find tool window.
Rename original class and use superclass where possibleUse this option to rename the original class and make it an implementation of the newly created superclass.
Rename original class toIn this text box, type the new name for the original class. The text box is available if the Rename original class and use superclass where possible option is selected.
Package for new superclassIn this drop-down list, specify the package for the new superclass. If necessary, click Browse browseButton.png and choose the target package in the dialog that opens.
Members to Form SuperclassIn this area, specify the members of the class to be moved or delegated to the new superclass. To have an element included in the interface, select the checkbox next to it.
Make AbstractSelect this option to leave the method implementation within the current class, and declare it abstract in the extracted superclass.
Last modified: 25 July 2018