GoLand 2018.1 Help

Rename Dialog for a Directory

Refactor | Rename

Use this dialog to rename a directory.

In addition to renaming the directory itself, GoLand can also look for the usages of the directory name. If found, the changes you are making to the directory name can also be applied to these usages.

The usages are assigned to different categories which correspond to the options which you can turn on and off.

Note that regardless of the options selected, the search scope (that is, the places where the name occurrences are looked for) is always limited to the current entity (file, class, etc) and the entities that the current one depends on.

Rename <directory> and its usages toSpecify a new name for the directory.
Search in comments and stringsIf this checkbox is selected, GoLand will look for occurrences of the directory name within comments and string literals in your source code files.
Last modified: 25 July 2018