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Navigating to type, file, or symbol


Navigate commands enable you to quickly jump to the desired types, files, or symbols specified by names. GoLand suggests a look-up list of matching names, from which you can select the desired one, and open it in the editor. This navigation honors CamelCase and snake_case capitalization.

Navigating by name

To navigate to a type, file, or symbol by its name:

  1. On the main menu, point to Navigate, and then choose Class, File, or Symbol respectively, or use the following shortcuts:
    • Type: Ctrl+N

    • File (directory): Ctrl+Shift+N

    • Symbol: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N

  2. In the pop-up window, start typing the desired name.

    So doing, you can enter characters located anywhere inside the desired name. As you type, the suggestion list shrinks, displaying the matching names only.

    • Type:

      go goto type

    • File:

      go goto file

    • Directory: use the same Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut as for file navigation, and type the name of the directory you are looking for, the pattern name ending with / or \:

      go goto directory

    • Symbol:

      go goto symbol

  3. Click the desired entry in the suggestion list, or select it using the arrow keys, and press Enter.

Last modified: 12 October 2018

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