GoLand 2019.1 Help

Debugging code

Start a debugging session

  1. Configure the Run/Debug Configurations profile (Run | Edit Configurations).

  2. Create a breakpoint.

  3. Click the Debug icon.

Create a breakpoint

To create a breakpoint, select the code line that you want to examine and click an area in the gutter near the line number.

The Evaluate Expression window and the Watchers pane provide code completion, code inspections, and quick-fixes.


Customize breakpoint settings

To customize breakpoint settings, press Ctrl+Shift+F8. To see all breakpoints in the project (with additional settings), click More or press the same shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F8 again.

Breakpoint properties

Do not suspend code execution

Use action breakpoints to evaluate a variable at a particular line of code without suspending code execution. To create an action breakpoint, click the gutter while pressing Shift.

Create a temporary breakpoint

To create a breakpoint that stops only once, click the left gutter while holding Shift+Alt. For more information, refer to the section Breakpoints.

Disable breakpoints

To disable a breakpoint, click the breakpoint while pressing Alt.

Debugger session

Smart step into

Sometimes it happens that you stay at a line and want to step into a particular method but not the first one that will be invoked. In this case use Smart step into by pressing Shift+F7 to choose a particular method.

  1. Place a breakpoint on the line that has a chain of calls or nested method calls.

  2. Run a debugging session (Shift+F9).

  3. Press Shift+F7.

  4. From the context menu, select the method that you want to debug.

Run to cursor

  1. Create a breakpoint.

  2. Run a debugging session. To run a debugging session, click the Run Application icon (the Run Application icon) in the gutter area and select Debug <configuration_name>.

To stop code execution at the cursor position without adding another breakpoint, click the Run to cursor icon (the Run to cursor icon) or press Alt+F9. Alternatively, you can click the line number in the gutter area.

Evaluate expression

While in debug mode, you can evaluate any expression by pressing Alt+F8.

This tool provides code completion just as in the editor so it’s very easy to enter any expression:

If you have any instances marked with labels, code completion will offer you its names so you can evaluate them:


Configuring debugger settings

To change debugger settings, click File | Settings. In the Settings menu, click Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger.

debugger settings

Useful debugger shortcuts



Toggle breakpointCtrl+F8
Resume programF9
Step overF8
Step intoF7


View breakpoint details/all breakpointsCtrl+Shift+F8

Debug code at caret

Shift+F9 (within the main method), or Shift+Alt+F9

Last modified: 17 May 2019