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A Groovy shell is a command-line application that lets you evaluate Groovy expressions, functions, define classes and run Groovy commands. The Groovy shell can be launched in Groovy projects.


Tooltip and Shortcut


the Stop button


Click this button to stop the current process.

Clicking the button once invokes soft kill allowing the application to catch the SIGINT event and perform graceful termination (on Windows, the Ctrl+C event is emulated). After the button is clicked once, it is replaced with the Kill Process button indicating that subsequent click will lead to force termination of the application, e.g. on Unix SIGKILL is sent.

the Close button


Click this button to close the selected tab of the Run tool window and terminate the current process.

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Execute Groovy Code (N/A)

Run code, entered in the console.

Last modified: 17 May 2019