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Creating an HTML5 Boilerplate project

Create the HTML5 Boilerplate project

With HTML5 Boilerplate, you can create a static site or simple app. More information about HTML5 Boilerplate is available on the official site.

  1. Select File | New | Project.

  2. In the New Project dialog, click HTML5 Boilerplate.

  3. In the Location field, specify the path to your project.

  4. From the Version list, select a version of HTML5 Boilerplate.

  5. Click Create.

Create the HTML5 Boilerplate project

Install missing dependencies

If your project does not include dependencies from package.json, click Run `npm install` in the notification window. Otherwise, double-click package.json, position thecaret at the missing dependency and press Alt+Enter. Select Run `npm install` from the context menu.

Install dependencies for the HTML5 Boilerplate project
Last modified: 23 March 2020