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Code Completion

File | Settings | Editor | General | Code Completion for Windows and Linux
GoLand | Preferences | Editor | General | Code Completion for macOS
Ctrl+Alt+S the Settings/Preferences icon

Use this page to configure code completion and parameter information.



Match case

Select this option if you want letter case to be taken into account when suggesting matches for code completion. Choose whether you want to match case for the first letter of for all letters.

Automatically insert single suggestions for

Choose whether you want to automatically complete your code if there's just one code completion suggestion for basic and/or smart completion.

Sort suggestions alphabetically

Choose this option if you want to sort items in the suggestions list in the alphabetical order instead of sorting them by relevance.

You can change this behavior at any time by clicking the sort alphabetically or sort by relevance icons in the suggestion list.

Show suggestions as you type

Select this checkbox if you want the suggestions list to be invoked automatically, without having to call completion explicitly.

Insert selected suggestion by pressing space, dot, or other context-dependent keys

Select if you want to insert the selected suggestion by typing certain keys that depend on the language, your context, and so on.

Show the documentation popup in

Select this checkbox to have GoLand automatically show a popup for each item in the suggestions list with the documentation for the class, method, or field currently highlighted in the lookup list.

In the field to the right, specify the delay (in milliseconds), after which the popup should appear.


In this area, configure code completion in the JavaScript context. Learn more from Configuring code completion settings.



Only type-based completion

By default, GoLand suggests completion for symbols regardless of their types. With this approach, in complicated cases the list shows multiple completion variants.

To make completion more precise, select the checkbox. The completion list will strongly depend on the GoLand inference. As a result, the list may remain empty in case of poor inference.

Suggest items with optional chaining for nullable types

By default, GoLand suggests completion for symbols with the optional chaining operator (?). To suppress showing such suggestions, clear the checkbox.

Expand method bodies in completion for overrides

By default, when you want to override a method from the parent class or interface and select this method from the list of completion suggestions, GoLand automatically adds parameters, generates a super() call, and adds the type information, if possible.

Clear the Expand method bodies in completion for overrides checkbox to suppress automatic generation of method bodies for overrides during completion.

Completion of names

  • Suggest variable and parameter names: By default, the checkbox is selected and GoLand suggests names for new variables and parameters during their declaration. These suggestions are based on the names of classes, types, and interfaces that are defined in your project, in the libraries you are using, and in standard APIs.

  • Suggest names for class fields

    The option is by default turned off.

  • Add type annotations for suggested parameter names: Select this checkbox to supply each completion suggestion with information on its type.

    The checkbox is available only when the Suggest variable names checkbox is selected.




Insert default argument values in completions

By default, when you select and apply a completion suggestion, GoLand inserts default argument values so you only need to fill in the field in the inserted template.

Clear the checkbox to suppress such behavior and fill in the arguments yourself.

Last modified: 17 March 2020