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CSV Formats

In the Import File dialog, you can specify import settings for formats with delimiter-separated values. You can use the predefined templates or create a new one.

This page contains the settings for converting table data into delimiter-separated values formats (for example, CSV, TSV) and vice versa.

Conversion settings

When you change import settings, the import preview changes correspondingly.

Formats Select a template that successfully converts the file data into a table. You can change settings of predefined templates or add a new template. To add a template, press Add Format button (the Add Format button).

To save changes, click the Save icon the Save icon and select one of the following options:

  • Save Changes: save changed settings of the current template are saved.

  • Save As: create a new template and save settings of the new template.

  • Save All: save changes in all templates.

Value separator Select or type the character that you want to use as a separator for values.
Row separator Select or type the character that you want to use as a separator for rows.
Null value text Select or type the text that you want to use if a cell contains the NULL value.
Add row prefix/suffixClick the link and type a row prefix and suffix. Prefix and suffix are character sequences which in addition to the row separator indicate the beginning and end of a row.

Each line in the area under Quotation is a quotation pattern (see Quote values). A quotation pattern includes:

  • Left: a quotation character that is inserted before a value.

  • Right: a quotation character that is inserted after a value.

  • Escape: an escape method or character for the cases when the quotation character is part of a value. The <duplicate> value means that if a quotation character occurs within a value, it is doubled. You can specify your own escape character.

If there is more than one pattern, the first pattern is used.

Use icons.general.add.png,icons.general.remove.png, icons.actions.previousOccurence.png and icons.actions.nextOccurence.png to create, delete and reorder the patterns.

Quote values

Select when you want to enclose values within quotation characters.

  • When needed: a value is quoted if it contains the value or the row separator.

  • Always: all values are quoted.

Trim whitespacesIgnore or remove whitespace characters. If this checkbox is cleared, the whitespace characters are treated as parts of the corresponding values.
First row is header Treat the first row as a row that contains column names.
First column is header Treat the first column as a column that contains row names.
Last modified: 23 June 2020