GoLand 2020.1 Help


Use quick filtering options

You can specify filtering conditions manually or use quick filter options. Quick filter options are filtering conditions for the current column name. The conditions depend on the value in the current cell.

  1. Right-click a cell and navigate to Filter by.

  2. Select an option that you want to apply.

You can filter rows when you run a search Ctrl+F on the table.

  1. Press Ctrl+F and select Filter Rows.

  2. Start typing your search query (for example, John).

Filter table data with a query

You can filter data in a table by writing a query in the Row Filter field.

  1. If the Row Filter is not available, click the settings icon (the settings icon ) and select Row Filter.

  2. In the Row Filter field, type your query. The query syntax is the same as in the WHERE clause but without the WHERE keyword. For example, first_name LIKE 'JOH%' AND last_name LIKE 'CA%'.

    You can use SQL wildcards within the LIKE expressions. For example, the percent sign % for zero or more characters and underscore _ for a single character.

  3. Press Enter. To reset the filter, click the clear icon (The clear icon), or delete the contents of the Row Filter field and pressEnter.

Last modified: 15 July 2020