GoLand 2020.2 Help

Apply Patch dialog

Use the dialog to restore changes from a patch file.

ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
Patch file name Specify the name of the *.patch file that you want to apply. Enter the fully qualified name or click Browse icons.general.ellipsis.png and select the patch file in the dialog that opens.
icons.actions.diff.png Show diff
Click to open the difference viewer that shows the differences between your local working copy, the repository version, and the patch.
icons.vcs.mapBase.png Map base directory In the dialog that opens, select the directory relative to which file names in the patch file will be interpreted. You can map a base directory to a single file, directory, or to a selection.
icons.vcs.stripDown.png Strip Directory Use this button to apply the changes to files located in different directories from the ones specified in the patch. Clicking this button removes one slash in the path to the target file. Click the button as many times as many leading directories you need to strip. The number of removed slashes is indicated in square brackets.
icons.vcs.stripUp.png Restore Directory Use this button to revert the last strip directory action. Click the button as many times as many previously stripped leading directories you need to restore.
icons.vcs.resetStrip.png Reset Directories Use this button to revert all strip directory actions in the selection.
icons.vcs.stripNull.png Remove Directories Click this button to have all the leading directories stripped and have the changes applied to the file with the specified name in the base directory.
icons.actions.refresh.png Refresh Click this button to synchronize the tree with the current state of the file system.
icons.actions.groupBy.png Group By Click to select how you want to group files modified in the patch.
icons.actions.expandall.png icons.actions.collapseall.pngExpand All/Collapse All
Ctrl+NumPad +
Ctrl+NumPad -
Use these buttons to expand/collapse all nodes
Summary This section displays summary information for the currently selected changelist (the number of modified, new, and deleted files).
Name Select an existing changelist or type the name of a new changelist where you want the patch to be added.
Comment Enter a comment to the new changelist.
Set active Select this checkbox to have GoLand automatically give the active status to the new changelist immediately after the changes are restored in it. When this checkbox is cleared, the current active changelist remains active.
Track context Select this checkbox to have GoLand preserve the context of the task associated with the new changelist on its deactivation and restore the context when the changelist becomes active.
Analyze and Apply Patch from Clipboard on the Fly Select this option if you want GoLand to automatically detect patches in clipboard contents and suggest applying them.
Last modified: 11 November 2020