GoLand 2020.3 Help

Shelf tab

This tab is added to the Version Control tool window Alt+9 when you shelve a change or a changelist, and is displayed until you permanently remove all shelved changes, including the already unshelved ones, and imported external patches.

By default, this tab shows all shelved changes that have not been unshelved yet. Changes are grouped into shelves. A shelf is a changelist created when you shelve changes. A shelf is identified by the commit message. You can have GoLand show the unshelved changes. They can be restored and re-applied as many times as necessary, until they are removed permanently.

For details, see Shelve and unshelve changes.


Item Tooltip and shortcut Description
icons.actions.diff.svg Show Diff Ctrl+D Choose this option to open the Differences viewer for files and compare the shelved version of a file with its current local version.
icons.vcs.shelveSilent.svg Unshelve Silently Ctrl+Alt+U Click this icon to unshelve changes silently, without displaying the Unshelve Changes dialog.
the Create Patch button Create Patch

Choose this option to create a patch file based on shelved changes. In the Create Patch dialog that opens, specify the file to save the patch in, and the changes to create a patch from. By default, all changes from the shelf are selected. To view which changes are included, click the Selected link.

For details, see Use patches.

icons.vcs.patch_applied.svg Show/Hide already unshelved Click this button to have GoLand show or hide all available shelved changes, both already applied and not. Note that this button is duplicated From the context menu.
Preview Diff Preview Diff Click this icon to compare the shelved version of the selected file with its local version in the Preview pane.
the Clean Already Unshelved icon Clean Already Unshelved Click this icon to explicitly remove all unshelved changes if you are not going to reuse them.
Shelf Settings Shelf Settings Click this icon to jump to the Shelf settings page where you can modify the default shelf location, and enable automatic shelving of base revisions of files for Git and Mercurial.
Last modified: 19 August 2020