GoLand 2021.1 Help


In this page, specify whether you want GoLand to ask you for confirmation before performing specific version control related actions.

When files are created

In this section, specify whether and how to put a file created in GoLand under version control:

  • Show options before adding to version control: newly created files are put under version control after you specify the options in the dialog that opens.

  • Add silently: newly created files are automatically added to version control without any notification.

  • Do not add: newly created files remain unversioned and you can put them under version control later.

When files are deleted

In this section, specify whether and how to remove a file from version control when the file is deleted:

  • Show options before removing from version control: files removed locally are also removed from VCS after you have selected it in the dialog that opens.

  • Remove silently: all files removed locally are removed from VCS without asking for confirmation.

  • Do not remove: files removed locally remain under version control.

When empty changelist becomes inactive

In this section, specify GoLand behavior on deleting an empty changelist.

  • Show options before removing: GoLand asks for confirmation before removing an empty changelist that has lost its active status.

    If you choose to delete such a changelist, GoLand suggests selecting another changelist to be marked as active.

  • Remove silently: GoLand automatically deletes empty changelists that become inactive, except for the Default changelist.

  • Do not remove: empty changelists are not deleted on loosing their active status.

Display Option dialogs when these commands are invoked

In this area, specify whether you want GoLand to ask you for confirmation when invoking the commands selected below.

Show Clear Read-Only Status Dialog

Select this checkbox to have GoLand explicitly require cancellation of the read-only status when you open a file in the editor and try to modify it.

The read-only status can be cleared in two ways:

  • Using the current VCS: the file is added to a changelist

  • Using a file system: the file is not added to the changelist.

This option is relevant for the version control systems that separate check-out from opening for editing.

Restore worksapce on branch switchingSelect this option if you want your workspace, that is a set of opened files, the current run configuration and breakpoints associated with a certain branch, to be restored when you switch to that branch.
Show patch in explorer after creation

Use this list to define the GoLand behavior when a patch is created. The available options are:

  • Yes: if this option is selected, native file manager always opens to show the patch file.

  • No: if this option is selected, the native file manager will not open.

  • Ask: if this option is selected, GoLand will display a dialog informing about successful patch creation, and a suggestion to locate the patch file in the native file manager.

Last modified: 08 March 2021