GoLand 2022.2 Help

File nesting dialog

Use this dialog to configure presentation of files with the same names but different suffixes.

GoLand can present such file bunches as plain structures or show parent files as folders (nests) with their child files inside.

GoLand provides a set of predefined rules for file nesting. You can edit these rules as well as define your own custom ones. To configure file nesting, specify the suffixes of parent files and the suffixes of the child files.




Show files with the same names as nested

  • When the checkbox is selected, GoLand recognizes child files based on the patterns from the list and shows them grouped under the corresponding parents. Compare the presentation of the above TypeScript example with file nesting enabled

    A typescript file leftpad.ts with a compiled JavaScript file leftpad.js
                             and a generated source map file leftpad.js.map shown as a nest
  • When the checkbox is cleared, GoLand shows parents and children at the same level.

the Add button


Add a new row and specify the "parent" file suffix and the matching "child" file suffix. List all patterns explicitly without using wildcards or regular expressions.

the Remove button


Remove the selected rule from the list.

Reset to Default

Discard all your custom patterns and reload the default rules.

Last modified: 17 March 2022