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HTTP Client reference

The client object holds the HTTP Client session metadata, such as the list of global variables. The HTTP Client session is started when GoLand starts, and ends when GoLand is closed. Values are not preserved between GoLand restarts.

The client provides access to the global nested object that serves as a variables storage.


Property Description
global (Variables)

The global variables storage, which is used for setting, retrieving, or removing variables.

In your HTTP requests, you can access a variable saved in client.global as variable_name by using the {{variable_name}} syntax.


Method Parameters Description

testName (string)

func (function)

Creates a test with the name testName and body func. All tests are executed after the response handler script.

condition (boolean)

message (string)

Checks that the specified condition is true; throws an exception otherwise. The optional message parameter serves as an exception message.
log text Prints text to the response handler or test stdout and then terminates the line.

Global variables storage

The global object serves as a variables storage and is used for setting, retrieving, or removing variables.


Method Parameters Description

varName (string)

varValue (string)

Saves the variable with the varName name to the storage and sets its value to varValue.
get varName (string) Returns the value of the varName variable.
isEmpty Checks whether the global object has no variables defined.
clear varName (string) Removes the varName variable from the variables storage.
clearAll Removes all variables from the variables storage.
Last modified: 23 June 2020