GoLand 2023.2 Help

Import and export projects

Open an existing project

  1. In the Welcome to GoLand dialog, click Open.

    Alternatively, click File | Open.

  2. In the file browser, navigate to a folder with project files and click Open….

  3. Click OK.

    Welcome screen

Clone an existing project from a Version Control System

  1. In the Welcome to GoLand dialog, click Get from Version Control.

  2. From the Version Control list, select Git or Mercurial:

    • To check out files from GitHub, select GitHub and click Log In via GitHub…. You will be redirected to account.jetbrains.com where you need to click Authorize in GitHub. Enter your GitHub credentials and grant access to your GitHub account.

      Authorize in GitHub
    • To check out files from Mercurial, install and configure Mercurial and restart GoLand. Enter a path to the sources and clone the repository to your computer.

  3. After you have opened your project, you need to specify the location of the Go SDK. You can specify a local path to the SDK or download it. To set the Go SDK, open settings Control+Alt+S and navigate to Go | GOROOT. Click the AddSDK({0}) button and select between two options:

    • Add SDK…: use a local SDK copy. In the file browser, navigate to the SDK version that is on your hard drive.

    • Download…: download the SDK. In the Location field, specify the path for the SDK. To use a file browser, click the Browse icon the Browse icon. Click OK.

    For more information about version control systems, see Version control.

    Clone a repository
Last modified: 23 August 2023