GoLand 2022.1 Help

Release notes

This section lists functionality added to GoLand in the current release. To view release notes for other GoLand versions, click the version switcher on the help site and select the version that you need.

Release notes

Code completion: generics

The closing bracket is inserted as soon as you type an opening bracket. Also, when you use code completion, GoLand displays type parameters and inserts brackets for you.

Code analysis: formatting verbs used in strings in testify functions

GoLand reports errors if you use wrong formatting verbs in testify/assert functions. The Add format string argument intention action inserts the placeholder into a format string and passes the expression as an argument for the placeholder.

formatting verbs used in strings in testify

Running: run commands from Markdown files

If a Markdown file contains instructions with commands that you need to execute in your terminal, you can run those commands directly from the Markdown file by using the Run icons in the gutter. If you want to copy a code snippet, use the copy icon.

Tool windows: the Notifications tool window

The Event Log tool window is replaced by the Notifications tool window.

All notifications that appear in the Notification tool window are sorted into two types: Suggestions and Timeline.

the Notifications tool window

Quick-fixes: Implement methods for generics

If a type argument does not have all of the methods from the interface it is constrained by, GoLand displays an error.

You can implement missing methods by using a quick-fix right from the error message. Alternatively, click the red light bulb or press Alt+Enter and choose Implement missing methods.

Implement methods for generics
Last modified: 17 February 2022