GoLand 2021.2 Help

JavaScript. Libraries

Use this page to set up additional JavaScript libraries to expand the basic assistance provided through the JavaScript plugin. Note that the JavaScript libraries are global.


EnabledEach checkbox in this column shows whether the corresponding library is avaiable or not:
  • A checkbox is selected when the corresponding library is defined and enabled in the current project.

  • A checkbox is marked with a Dash - if the corresponding library is defined and enabled on a more detailed level, for example, in a directory or in a file.

  • A checkbox is cleared when the corresponding library is disabled.

NameThis column shows the names of the directories defined for a project.
TypeThis column shows library types.


EditClick this button to change the name and contents of the selected library in the Edit Library dialog.
RemoveClick this button to delete the selected library.
DownloadClick this button to open the Download Library dialog box with a list of libraries for which stubs for TypeScript definition files are available. Select the required library and click Download and Install. GoLand brings you back to the Settings: JavaScript Libraries page where the new library is added to the list. Click OK to save the settings.
Manage scopesClick this button to configure libraries to be used for specific files and/or directories in the Manage Scopes dialog box.

New Library / Edit Library Dialog Box

NameSpecify the library name.
Framework typeFrom this drop-down list, choose the framework to configure as a library.
VersionIn this text box, specify the version of the selected framework to use.
VisibilityIn this area, specify where you want the library to be available for associating with files and folders. The available options are:
  • Current project: when this option is chosen, the library can be associated with files and folders within the current project only. If you later try to use the framework with another project, you will have to configure the library anew.

  • Global: choose this option to enable associating the library with any of your GoLand projects.

FilesIn this section, set up the library contents.
Icons general add (Add)Click this button to attach a JavaScript file or directory from the file system.
Icons general remove (Remove)Click this button to detach the selected file or directory from a library.
NameThis read-only column shows the name of the selected library file or the names of relevant library files from the selected directory.
TypeClick the column to show the drop-down list of the available versions of library files or directories: debug or release.

GoLand enables you to create a library containing just one .js file, if this file is located on the Internet and can be accessed over HTTP. If you refer to a JavaScript library that is not yet available locally, but is available online, use the Download library intention action:

The library will be placed to the user home directory, and will appear in the list of configured libraries in the JavaScript - Libraries page of the Settings dialog.

Last modified: 14 September 2021