Hub 1.0 Help

Banning User Accounts

You can ban a user account, so the banned user won't be able to access Hub instance and perform any operation. Banned users are not counted as active users for license restrictions, that is: if your license permits you have 10 user accounts, and you already have 10 registered users, but need to add another account, then you can ban one account and create the new one. Of course, that's not the only case for banning a user, but one of the most useful.

Banning user accounts

  1. In the Users list, select user accounts that you need to ban.
  2. Click Ban icon for the user entry in the list of found users. Selected accounts will be banned immediately.

Activating previously banned accounts

  1. Select desired account(s) in the Users list.
  2. Click the Unban button in the Users list toolbar.
Last modified: 19 April 2016