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Connecting JetBrains Teamware to Hub

Hub provides not only a single sing-on and user authentication and authorization in all applications connected to it. It also provides shared user, access and project management through all these applications. Connecting JetBrains team tools to Hub allows you to experience the combined functionality of these tools.

For example, when you connect Upsource and YouTrack to a single Hub instance, Upsource and YouTrack will have the same user base and integration between these two applications will be enabled automatically. You will also be able to:

  • Easily create and manage projects that will include resources from both Upsource and YouTrack (issues, repositories, code reviews).
  • Monitor your personal and team tasks and progress in the common Dashboard.
  • Connect Upsource and YouTrack and enable integration features automatically.

Before connecting an application to standalone Hub

Connecting to a standalone Hub is supported by YouTrack 6.5+ (ZIP and MSI distribution) and Upsource 2.0.3+ versions. If you already use YouTrack or Upsource, then to connect it to an external Hub, you will need to preliminary upgrade your installations.

To connect an existing installation of an application, you need to migrate your current data to the standalone Hub service. If you are going to connect a new "clean" installation to standalone Hub, it is recommended to do it during initial application setup in Configuration Wizard.

General procedures for connecting application to a standalone Hub

Connecting a new installation to Hub

  1. Install, configure and start the standalone Hub service.
  2. Install the new application. When the web-based Configuration Wizard is started, provide application system settings, and switch to the User Management settings.
  3. Select Use Standalone Hub tab, provide the Base URL of your Hub service and verify it.
  4. Finish the setup procedure.

When the application starts, it will will be connected to the specified Hub service.

Connecting an existing installations to a standalone Hub

To connect an existing application to Hub, you need to migrate your current data to the standalone Hub service:

  1. Install, configure and start the standalone Hub service.
  2. Upgrade your current application to a version that supports external Hub.
  3. Create a backup of the application's database.
  4. Connect to and authorize in the application's Configurator.
  5. Provide Base URL of the target standalone Hub and verify it.
  6. Provide administrator credentials for the target Hub service.
  7. Review and resolve conflicts (if any conflicts found).
  8. Confirm data migration.

When the data is migrated to the standalone Hub service, your application will automatically switch to using the target Hub for authorization and user management. While the built-in user management will be shut down.

Connecting Combinations between Team tools

By connecting combinations here we mean various combinations between newly installed tools (with empty databases) and already existing installations. Connecting to Hub procedures will vary depending on whether you already use team tools and wish to connect them via Hub, or you are going to install a new application in addition to the one you already use, or you are just about to start working with the new applications from a scratch.

The possible combinations are:

  • New installations of the applications (new YouTrack and new Upsource).
  • New installation in addition to an existing one in use (new YouTrack and existing Upsource installation or existing YouTrack and new Uprource).
  • Two existing installations with non-empty databases.

Connecting Order between Team Tools

The order of connecting two applications to a single Hub also depends on the types of these applications: new or existing. The following principles apply:

  • If you have two similar type installations (two new or two existing), then it does not matter which one you connect to the standalone Hub service first.
  • If you have one existing and one new installation, then migrate an existing application to the standalone Hub first, and after that connect a new application to the same Hub.

See Usecases for Connecting YouTrack and Upsource to Hub for more details on recommended steps for connecting JetBrains Team Tools to Hub.

Last modified: 19 April 2016