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Default User Groups

Default User Groups

There are two default user groups in JetBrains Hub: 'All Users' and 'New Users'.

'All Users' Group

All registered users are automatically included in 'All Users' group. This group has the default Observer role granted in the 'Global' project, which allows viewing any public issue and comment in all public projects, and thus all registered users in Hub have the Observer role, by default. Administrator can only edit roles assigned to this group, but cannot change group name or disable the 'Auto-join' option. Also, the 'All users' group cannot be deleted.

'New Users' Group

When a user account is created, it is automatically added to the 'New Users' group, by default. This group has the default 'Reporter' role, which allows user (in addition to viewing public issues and comments) to report new issues, add comments to issues, view and edit own user's profile. Administrator can edit group's parameters or delete it, if needed.

Last modified: 19 April 2016