Hub 1.0 Help

Deleting User Accounts

You cannot actually delete user accounts in Hub, but you can either ban an account or merge it into another account.

You should remember the following key points:

  1. As a result of merging, any roles, group memberships, and assigned issues are transferred to the surviving user account.
  2. If any of the merged and removed user accounts has been set as assignee, reporter, or commenter in a connected YouTrack or, for example, reviewer in Upsource, — these values will be replaced with the survived resulting user account.
  3. If you're merging a less privileged user account with a more privileged user account, the resulting user account gets the more advanced permissions.

If you need toremove any mentioning of an account and its credentials, we suggest you using the following workflow:

  • Open Users list in the administration area.
  • In the list of users, select an account you need to remove and an account you want to merge it into.
  • Merge the two accounts.
  • Delete the set of credentials via user profile of the merged user account:
    • Open administrative user profile of the surviving account.
    • In the list of all credentials associated with the account, delete credentials of the user you want to remove from the system.
Last modified: 19 April 2016