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JetPass Permissions

Jetpass permissions

These permissions are built-in Hub and regulate access to Hub administration.

Permissions set

Operations with a space

  1. Create Space (global) — Create new space
  2. Read Space (per space) — View space properties and content. List space resources. Is required (with Read Role) to read space roles of user/group/service
  3. Update Space (per space) — Edit space properties and content. Add/remove resources.
  4. Delete Space (per space) — Delete space

Operations with a role (all global)

  1. Create Role — Create new role
  2. Read Role — View the list of roles. View a set of role permissions. Is required (with Read Space) to read space roles of user/group/service
  3. Update Role — Modify role properties and a set of role permissions
  4. Delete Role

Operations with a space role (linkage operation between space and role)

  1. Add Role in Space (per space) — Assign to user/group/service the role in the space.
  2. Remove Role in Space (per space) — Revoke from user/group/service the role in the space.

Operations with a user (all global)

  1. Create User — Register new users. Invite new users.
  2. Read User — View the list of registered user accounts. Read user authorization details. Is required (with Update Group) to modify group membership for the user
  3. Update User — Edit user name, edit/create/delete user details, ban and merge user accounts.
  4. Read Self — Same as Read User but only for the logged in user.
  5. Update Self — Same as Update User but only for the logged in user.

Operations with a user group (user groups are resources of space)

  1. Create User Group — Create new user groups
  2. Read User Group — View the list of user groups. View group properties. View subgroups (Read User Group for subgroup is required). View members (Read User is required).
  3. Update User Group — Modify properties of a user group. Add/remove subgroups (Update User Group for parent and child groups is required). Is required (with Read User) to modify group membership
  4. Delete User Group

Operations with a service (all global)

  1. Create Service — Register new service
  2. Read Service — View the list of services. View properties of a service. View service resources, permissions, default roles
  3. Update Service — Modify properties of a service. Modify (create/update/delete) service resources, permissions, default roles
  4. Delete Service — Delete service

Operations with an authentication module (all global)

  1. Create Auth Module — Create new authentication module
  2. Read Auth Module — View the list of auth modules. View preoperties of an auth module
  3. Update Auth Module — Modify properties of an auth module
  4. Delete Auth Module — Delete auth module

Not entity related permissions (all global)

  1. JetPass Low-level Administration — Manage low-level administrative actions like integrations with third-party services and database backup
Last modified: 7 May 2015