Hub 1.0 Help

Managing Services

A service is any application or service that can be connected to and registered in Hub.

Hub itself is a service. It comes bundled with two specific services: Dashboard and Project Wizard. These two are specific because they actually do not provide any resources to Hub.

All connected services are displayed in the More settings > Services section.


When a service is connected to Hub, it gets its unique identifier service_id and service secret - credentials of the service in the system. If you wish to connect to a service via REST API, you will need to know the service_id to authorize and access this service.

Displaying a Service in the Service Menu

The Service Menu is displayed in the right corner of the top menu (also known as "header") in Hub and all services connected to it. It allows switching between services available to the current user.


You can change which services are displayed in the Service Menu and who sees any particular service. This behaviour is controlled by Header Visible Group service setting. By default, the All Users group is used, which means that all users accessing Hub may see all services registered in Hub.

For example, you wish to show Dashboard and YouTrack to all users, while displaying Upsource, TeamCity and Project Wizard to developers, only.

Let's assume that you have a user group named "company_developers" that contains all developer accounts. In this case, you must delete "All users" group from the "Header Visible Group" for Upsource, TeamCity and Project Wizard services, and instead add the "company_developers" group to this list. For Dashboard and YouTrack services, check that "All Users" group is added in the list.

Last modified: 19 April 2016