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Migrating Data to External Hub

YouTrack and Upsource comes with a built-it Hub service, which handles the user and access management for the application.

To switch your current installation of YouTrack or Upsource to an external standalone Hub service, you need to migrate the user, access and project related data to this external Hub.

Note: At the moment, only YouTrack 6.5 ZIP and MSI distributions support migrating data to a standalone Hub service. If you use YouTrack JAR and wish to migrate to external Hub, please consider switching to ZIP or MSI distribution.

Migrating Data from a Built-in Hub to a Standalone Hub

  1. Install and configure a standalone Hub server, to which you will migrate the data
  2. In the application with the built-in Hub (Upsource or YouTrack), create the backup of your data:
  3. In the application with the built-in Hub (Upsource or YouTrack), open and log in to Configurator:
    1. In your browser, open link <application Base URL>/bundle/admin
    2. To log in to the Configurator, you need to prove that you are a system admin with the access to the file system of the server on which the application is installed. To do so, view where the file is located (click the link below the input field), and copy the token from it to the Token field and click Log in....
  4. Provide the Base URL of the target Standalone Hub server and verify it.
  5. Log in to the target Hub with the administrator credentials.
  6. Accept the request for the full access to the standalone Hub. The migration process will be started.
  7. Review and resolve conflicts (if any were found) and confirm the migration.

    The data from the source built-in Hub will be migrated to the target Hub. Once done, the application will be switched to using the standalone Hub. The built-in Hub service will be shut down.

Last modified: 19 April 2016