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Project Wizard

Project Wizard lets you overview projects in the system, create projects in a few steps, and manage the main information about projects: project's team, connected resources, etc. Each project is displayed as a tile with links to the project's resources. These links also indicate which particular resources from which services are associated with the project. A project filter with the query assistance is also included.


To open Project Wizard, click the services menu icon (next to the current user's avatar), and select the project wizard service:

Open Project Wizard

Managing Projects with Project Wizard

Creating New Projects

To create a new project in Project Wizard

  1. Open Project Wizard.
  2. Click Create New Project button.
  3. Provide project's Name and Key. The project's Key is a unique human-readable identifier of a project in Hub. When you create a new project in Hub, and then create corresponding projects in connected services, Project Key is used in the names of these related projects. Optionally, provide project's description.

  4. Click Create project.

You will be navigated to the main settings of the new project.

Last modified: 19 April 2016