Hub 1.0 Help

Starting and Stopping Hub

Running Hub as a Windows Service

To run Hub as a Windows service, you need to install it using MSI distribution. In this case the service will be configured and run automatically.

Running Hub with a script

These instructions are valid if you install Hub from a ZIP distribution. In this case, you run Hub from the command line with a script located in <hub_home> directory. The <hub_home> directory is the directory where the ZIP distribution was unpacked.

For Mac OS X or Linux, please make sure to start Hub as a non-root user.

Running Hub as a background process

To start Hub, run the following command:

<hub_home>/bin/ start

Stopping Hub

To stop Hub, run the following command:

<hub_home>/bin/ stop

Restarting Hub

To restart Hub, run the following command:

<hub_home>/bin/ restart

Displaying other commands

To explore other commands that Hub provides, such as those for running in the current console, configuring, and displaying status, run:

<hub_home>/bin/ ?
Last modified: 19 April 2016