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A user is an account that a person can use to log in to Hub and other connected services. A user account includes the email address and password used as login credentials.

Depending on the type of authentication scheme, user accounts can be:

  • Created manually.
  • Imported from connected services.
  • Created automatically upon login.

Every user account:

  1. Is assigned a role that defines access to Hub and service-specific features. The level of access is determined by the permissions assigned to the role.
  2. Belongs to at least one user group.

Default User Accounts

In addition to registered users, there are two default user accounts in Hub:

  • admin — the default system administrator account. This user can perform any operation in Hub.
  • guest — a special user account for non-registered users. This user account grants access without authentication to Hub and other connected services. Guest login is enabled by default.

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Last modified: 19 April 2016