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A group is a collection of user accounts. Groups let you manage multiple accounts more efficiently. A group in Hub is used as a resource in a project. You can grant and restrict access to specific features in Hub and other connected services for all group members at once.

As a resource in a project, a group also provides access to other resources in the project. For more information, see Managing Groups.

You can create as many user groups as you need. Each user group can contain any number of user accounts and even other user groups. Each user account can belong to multiple user groups.

All Users Group

All Users is a special user group that is always present in the system. This group contains all registered users. You cannot remove users from this group. A role that is assigned to the "All Users" group grants default permissions to all system users.

Team Group

A team group is any group that is granted a team role.

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Last modified: 19 April 2016