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To access the backup settings for Hub, click More Settings > Backup.


On this page, you can manually create a backup copy of your Hub database and system settings. Use this feature to save and archive copies of your database. We recommend that you create a backup of your database before you upgrade your Hub installation.

There are a few things you should know before you back up your database:

  • Hub automatically switches the database to read-only mode when you start the database backup.
  • You can't cancel the database backup once it has started.
  • Users do not have access to Hub when a backup is in progress.

To create a backup:

  1. In the main navigation, click More Settings > Backup.
  2. In the Backup Location field, confirm or set the location of the backup folder for your server.
  3. In the Name Prefix field, confirm or set the prefix that is assigned to the filename of the backup file.
  4. Set the Archive Format to determine whether the backup files are created as a TAR.GZ or ZIP archives.

    The maximum size of the ZIP backup file is 2Gb. For larger databases, use TAR.GZ archives.

  5. Click the Create backup button.
    • The backup file is created.
    • When done, the details for the backup file are shown in the list on the page.

Backup Settings

You can modify the default settings of your database backup configuration. The following settings are available:

Backup LocationChange the directory where Hub stores backups of the database.
Name PrefixChange the prefix that is assigned to the filename of the backup file. The full filename of the backup file contains this prefix followed by the date and time when the backup was created.
Archive FormatSelect whether the backup files are saved in TAR.GZ or ZIP format.
Last modified: 19 September 2016