Hub 2.0 Help

Display a Service in the Services Menu

The Services Menu is displayed in the right corner of the main menu (also known as the header) in Hub and all of the services that are connected to it. The Services Menu lets users switch between services from a single location.


You can change which services are displayed in the Services Menu and who sees any particular service. This behavior is controlled by the Header Visible Group setting on the Settings tab for each service. When you add a new service to Hub, the Header Visible Groups setting is empty. This means that the service is not visible to any of the users who can log in to Hub.

To change the visibility of a service in the Services Menu, simply modify the Header Visible Group setting. For more information, see Service Settings.

For example, if you want all users to see the Dashboard and YouTrack, but limit the visibility of Upsource, TeamCity and the Project Wizard to developers only. You have a group that is named Company_Developers that contains the user accounts for all of your developers.

To configure the visibility settings for this use case:

  • Add the Company_Developers group to the Header Visible Group for the Upsource, TeamCity and Project Wizard services.
  • Add the All Users group to the Header Visible Groups for the Dashboard and YouTrack services.
Last modified: 19 September 2016