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Kanban Project Template

When you create a YouTrack project with the Kanban project template, the project is created with the default settings that are described on this page.

Issue Fields

The following issue fields are attached to the project by default:

NameTypeValuesDefault valueCan be empty
Stagestate[1]Backlog, Develop, Review, Test, Staging, Done* (*)ResolvedBacklogfalse
Kanban Stateenum[1]Blocked, Ready to pullReady to pullfalse
Assigneeuser[1]<All users who are members of the group for the project team><Unassigned>true
Priorityenum[1]Show-stopper, Critical, Major, Normal, MinorNormalfalse

Agile Board

An agile board is created for the project. The board has the following default configuration:

General Settings

Name[Project Name] Kanban Board
Project[Project Name]
Visible forProject based
Change settingsProject based

Board Columns

Board ColumnsBoard Columns are identified by Stage field.
ColumnsBacklog, Develop, Review, Test, Staging, Done
WIP SettingsThe number of tasks that are allowed in each column is set as follows:
ColumnMin WIPMax WIPMax tasks

Board Fields

The following settings are used to represent the entities that are shown on the board:

Saved search to show as backlog[Project Name] Backlog
Estimation fieldNo estimations
Field for color-coded cardsKanban State
Max swimlanes1
Default max tasks per column1000


The Swimlanes feature is deselected.


In addition to the default workflows, a workflow that is specific to the Kanban board is attached to the project automatically.

The Kanban workflow lets you change the Kanban Stage of a task only when the status for the task is Ready to pull. When the Kanban Stage changes, the status is set to Blocked automatically.

For a detailed description of this workflow, see the YouTrack documentation.

Last modified: 19 September 2016