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Permissions Comparison for Default Roles

The following table provides a comparison of the permissions that are assigned by default to the default roles in YouTrack. The System Admin role is granted all of the permissions in this list.

Use this information to determine whether you can use a default role to grant access to users or groups or need to create a new role with a custom set of permissions.

PermissionProject AdminDeveloperObserver
Add Role in Projectcheckbox-marked
Create Auth Module
Create Project
Create Role
Create Service
Create Usercheckbox-marked
Create User Groupcheckbox-marked
Delete Auth Module
Delete Project
Delete Role
Delete Service
Delete User
Delete User Groupcheckbox-marked
Low-level Administration
Low-level Read Administration
Read Auth Module
Read Projectcheckbox-markedcheckbox-marked
Read Rolecheckbox-marked
Read Selfcheckbox-markedcheckbox-markedcheckbox-marked
Read Service
Read Usercheckbox-marked
Read User Groupcheckbox-markedcheckbox-marked
Remove Role in Project
Update Auth Module
Update Projectcheckbox-marked
Update Role
Update Selfcheckbox-markedcheckbox-markedcheckbox-marked
Update Service
Update User
Update User Groupcheckbox-marked
Last modified: 19 September 2016