Hub 2.5 Help

Configure User Account Settings

Each user account has its own administrative profile, which is available for the administrators only and differs from the general User Profile that a user can view and configure himself.

You can configure the following account parameters in the administrative profile:

  • General settings which include login and full name, avatar, email and Jabber accounts, as well as the list of merged login names for the account.
  • Group membership for the account.
  • Access permissions.

To open an account profile, select the Login name in the Users list.

General Account Settings

The general settings include the login and full name, avatar, email and Jabber accounts.

General settings also contain the list of merged login names for the account.


From the General settings tab, you can send a request to verify the user email address. If an account does not have at least one verified email address, the user is not able to receive notifications or restore a forgotten password.

You can also ban (or unban) the account.

The Additional profile settings link directs you to the user profile of the account.

Group Membership

To view and configure group membership for the user account, open the Groups tab of the account profile.


For details about configuring group membership, see Configure Group Memberships for a User.

Configure Account Access

You can view and configure roles and permissions that are granted to the current account in the Access tab of the account profile.


For the details about configuring access for an individual account, see Configure Access for a User.

Last modified: 31 January 2017