Hub 2.5 Help

General User Profile Settings


General Parameters of a User Profile

The following parameters and controls are available on the General tab of the User Profile page.

Full NameThe full name of the user.
LoginThe login name of the account in Hub.
AvatarA picture to represent you (or your alter ego) in Hub and connected services.
EmailAn email address (or addresses) associated with the Hub account.
JabberA Jabber account associated with the Hub account. You can use it to receive notifications from connected services (for example, YouTrack).
VCS User NamesThe list of user names of the user in various VCS. Each username should be specified on a new line.
SSH Public KeysPersonal public SSH keys of the user. A user can upload their public keys which then are used by connected services to authorize the user.
RegisteredThe date of the user account registration.
AuditLinks to the Audit Events page in Hub. There, you can view a list of changes that were applied to this user account or changes that were applied by the user.
LoginsThe list of login-password pairs from connected services and authentication modules associated with the Hub user account. A user can use any of these credentials to log into Hub and, subsequently, in any connected service.
Last modified: 31 January 2017