Hub 2.5 Help

Introduction to Hub

JetBrains Hub is a web-based application that provides:

  • User authorization and user management across all of the services and applications that are connected to it. When a user logs in to a Hub-connected service, Hub verifies the username and password and provides access according to the permissions that are available to the account.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for users to access all services connected to Hub.
  • Centralized management for the information that is stored for a user in the connected services, including login credentials and permissions, group membership and access levels that are defined by granted roles and permissions. This information is used by the Hub-connected services to decide which features are available to a user and which operations this user is allowed to perform.
  • A single interface for managing projects that use resources in one or more of the connected services.
  • A Dashboard that displays a range of widgets that you can use to monitor the progress of your development team.

What's New in Hub 2.5

Hub 2.5 includes several bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as a few enhancements to the user interface:

AdministrationThe Administration menu has been updated to match the style and layout of the administration interface for other JetBrains team tools. The More Settings options have been moved from the header and are grouped into separate sections for access management and server settings.
Dashboard and Project WizardThe Dashboard and Project Wizard have been integrated into Hub. These options have disappeared from the Services menu, and are now always accessible from the Dashboard and Projects links in the header.
ProjectsAll of the operations that were supported by the Project Wizard are available under the Projects link in the header.
Keyboard ShortcutsShortcuts have been added to several pages in Hub to make navigation more keyboard-friendly.

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Last modified: 31 January 2017