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A role in Hub is a set of permissions. Roles are assigned to users and groups on a per-project basis. Users inherit roles based on their membership in a group, but can also have roles that are assigned directly.

In addition to the roles that are specific to Hub, roles are imported from the services that are connected to Hub.

To access the Roles page in Hub, select the Roles link in the Access Management section of the Administration menu.


Default Roles

Hub provides a set of predefined default roles: System Admin, Project Admin, Developer, and Observer.

You cannot delete the System Admin, Project Admin, or Developer roles. You can update the set of permissions that are assigned to these roles, change the name, and modify the description.

If you want to create a custom set of permissions that are available to a group or user account, you can create new roles or edit predefined roles.

Team Roles

A team role is just a role with a special flag. The team flag elevates the visibility of a role assignment by adding users with team roles to the list of users in a project team. You can toggle this flag for any role in the system.

This flag is meant to highlight roles that represent the functional roles performed by the users who work together on a project.

  • The basic project team consists of a team lead and a group of developers. If you have defined more granular roles that grant access to specific resources for team members with different responsibilities, consider using the team flag for these roles. When you add this role to a group in a project, each member of this group is shown on the team list in the project.
  • This flag is not intended for use with roles that are assigned to administrators or supervisors. These users may have access to a project, but do not take part in day-to-day development efforts.

The following example illustrates how users with different team role assignments are shown on the project team.


The following roles have the team flag enabled by default:

  • Project Admin
  • Developer

You cannot remove the team flag from these roles, as they are used to define access rights for new projects.

Use the team flag with moderation. Too many team roles make it difficult for project managers to manage their project team. Pay attention to the following situations:

  • Be careful when you assign a team role to a user in the Global project. This user appears as a member of every project team in the system. The same situation applies when you assign a team role to a group in the Global project. In this case, every member of the group appears in every project.
  • Unless you really want every user to appear in the project team for all projects in Hub, don't assign team roles to the All Users group. The same guideline applies to the Registered Users group.

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Last modified: 31 January 2017