Hub 2.5 Help

User Profile

Profile of a user account in Hub lets lets a user to review and manage their profile parameters. It also allows an administrator (or users themselves, if they have sufficient permissions) to manage access of the user to connected services.

The actual information displayed on the User Profile page depends on the permission of the current user. For example, a user with the default Observer role sees only the General profile parameters, while a system administrator can view and update the complete user profile.

User Profile Page

The complete user profile available to system administrators contains the following tabs:

  • General — general user data such as full and login names, emails, avatar, and associated credentials. For details, refer to the General User Profile Settings page.
  • Groups — information about group memberships of the user. On this tab, an administrator can also Configure Group Memberships for a User.
  • Roles — the list of roles granted directly to the user. For details, refer to the Configure Access for a User page.
  • Access — the view of all roles and permissions that are assigned to the user account. For details, refer to the Configure Access for a User page.
  • Refresh Tokens — the list of refresh tokens issued to the user by connected services. Visible only if there is at least one service that uses refresh tokens for user authorization.

Connected Profiles Panel

If a user has access to any service connected to Hub, then the Connected Profiles panel is displayed on the General tab of the User Profile. This panel provides direct links to all available to the user service-specific profiles.

Last modified: 31 January 2017