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Default Project Template

When you create a YouTrack project with the Default project template, the project is created with the default settings that are described on this page.

Issue Fields

The following issue fields are attached to the project by default:

NameTypeValuesDefault valueCan be empty
Priorityenum[1]Show-stopper, Critical, Major, Normal, MinorNormalfalse
Typeenum[1]Bug, Cosmetics, Exception, Feature, Task, Usability Problem, Performance Problem, EpicBugfalse
Statestate[1]Submitted, Open, In Progress, To be discussed, Reopened, Can't Reproduce*, Duplicate*, Fixed*, Won't fix*, Incomplete*, Obsolete*, Verified* (*)ResolvedSubmittedfalse
Assigneeuser[1]<All users who are members of the group for the project team>Unassignedtrue
SubsystemownedField[1]No valuesNo Subsystemtrue
Fix Versionsversion[*]No valuesUnscheduledtrue
Affected versionsversion[*]No valuesUnknowntrue
Fixed in buildbuild[1]No valuesNext Buildtrue


The following default workflows are attached to the project automatically:

  • Assignee Visibility Group
  • Clone Issue
  • Duplicates
  • One Vote Comment
  • Subsystem Assignee
  • Subtask Inherit Fix Versions
  • Subtasks
  • Update Fix Build

For a detailed description of these workflows, see the YouTrack documentation.

Last modified: 6 April 2017