Hub 2017.1 Help

Quick Navigation

With the new global navigation (aka Go To) feature in Hub, you can swiftly navigate to any page for which you have access permissions. Switch to a page of a specific user account, group, service, role: Just open the quick navigation dialog, and start entering the name of an entity that you wish to view.

To invoke the quick navigation, press the Ctrl+K or Cmd+K (Mac OS) shortcut or the /help/img/hub/2017.1/icon-goto.png icon in the main menu.

  • Quick navigation uses smart queries. If you are looking for a user account "Jane Doe", you can type the full name or just a part of it, for example "j doe". The query "j doe" is interpreted as "Find any entity with a name which consists of two words and the first word starts with 'j' and the second starts with 'doe'".
  • Queries are case-insensitive. For example, queries "j doe" and "J Doe" give the same results. However, the fully uppercase line "JDOE" is interpreted as "jdoe"
  • Queries take into account the order of words. For example, the queries "j doe" and "doe j" give different results.
  • Queries support both space-delimited and camel case syntax. That is: "j doe" and "JDoe" queries produce the same results.
  • Only those entities to which you have the access are displayed in the list.
  • If you see the N more mark for a category title, it means that you might want to adjust your query to get more precise results.
Last modified: 6 April 2017