Hub 2017.2 Help

Update Existing User Detail


POST <REST API URL>/userdetails/{user detail id}

Request Body


extended by emailuserdetails, loginuserdetails, coreuserdetails, githubdetails, googledetails, jbadetails, jiradetails, ldapdetails, oauth2details, openiddetails

{ "id": string, "aliasIds": [string, ...], "aliases": [alias, ...], "email": email, "authModule": authmodule, "authModuleName": string, "user": user, "lastAccessTime": calendar, "lastAccessAddress": string, "lastAccessUserAgent": string }


Response Code Meaning
200 OK Successful request.
400 Bad Request Some of the parameters of the request are invalid (for example, required fields in the passed JSON object are missing). The response contains message describing the error.
403 Forbidden Requester has no access to the request.
404 Not Found Requested resource wasn't found.
500 Internal Server Error Failed to process request because of the server error. The response contains message describing the error.
Last modified: 19 July 2017