Hub 2018.1 Help

System Settings

The System Settings page lets you manage server-wide settings for JetBrains Hub.

To access this page, select System Settings in the Server Settings section of the Administration menu.

Hub system settings
System languageSets the server-wide system language that is displayed in the Hub. The Hub user interface is available in English (default), French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.
Read-only modePuts the Hub database in read-only mode. In read-only mode, Hub continues to provide access for users in connected services, but does not accept changes. If you're experiencing problems with Hub, you can activate read-only mode while you investigate and isolate the issue.
Company logoSets the image that is displayed on the Hub login page.
Session timeoutSpecifies the duration that a session can remain idle before Hub terminates it automatically.
Remember me durationSpecifies the duration that Hub remembers a login session.
Email verificationDetermines whether users must verify their email addresses to log in to Hub. To improve the security of your installation, enable this option.
AuditLinks to a list of audit events related to changes that have been applied to the settings on this page.
Last modified: 22 May 2018