Hub 2018.1 Help

Create a Project

On the Projects page, you can create new Hub projects quickly and efficiently.

To create a new project:

  1. Click the Projects link in the main menu.
  2. Click the New project button in the header.
  3. Enter a name and key for the project in the Name and Key input fields. The name and key must both be unique to Hub.

    The project key is a human-readable identifier of a project in Hub. When you create projects in connected services, the project key in Hub is used as the prefix for the ID of the related projects.

  4. Enter an optional description of the project in the Description input field.
  5. Click the Create project button.
    • The project opens in the project overview page.

Once you have created the project, you can add services to your project.

Last modified: 22 May 2018