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Custom Widgets

You can build your own custom widgets and add them to your dashboards. Extend the functionality of your dashboards to grab content from external sources or present data from connected services in a unique format. Support for this feature has also been added to the new Project Overview page.

If you're not quite confident in your own ability to create a custom widget, you can access widgets built by other users that have been uploaded to the JetBrains Plugins Repository. You might find exactly the widget you're looking for without having to build it yourself.

Custom widgets help you create a consolidated overview of the information that is important to your team. For example:

  • Your Quality Assurance team uses dedicated software for testing. You can build a custom widget that displays a list of failing tests.
  • Your Customer Support Engineers use dedicated software for managing support requests. You can build a custom widget that displays the number of unanswered requests.

For more examples, see Sample Custom Widgets.

Manage the status of each widget in a central location on the Custom Widgets page. We've even built a playground where you can preview and test your widgets.

Widgets in Hub

Hub widgets are built to show information on dashboards and project overview pages. These widgets can pull information from external sources or connected services. They can potentially display data from Hub, TeamCity, Upsource, and YouTrack.

TeamCity itself does not have a platform for displaying widgets. However, it is possible to build custom widgets that display information from a TeamCity server. Like the TeamCity Widgets that are built into Hub, these widgets can be installed on Hub dashboards and project overview pages only when TeamCity is connected as a service in Hub.

A widget that displays data from TeamCity is only compatible with an external Hub installation.

Widgets in Upsource

An Upsource installation is always connected to a Hub service. When Upsource is installed as a standalone application, the Hub service is bundled with the installation package. Upsource can also be connected to an external Hub.

If you're not using an external Hub, you can install custom widgets on dashboards that are accessible from the bundled Hub service. These dashboards can display both Hub widgets and Upsource widgets.

The latest version of Upsource (2017.3) is bundled with Hub version 2017.4. In this version of Hub, custom widgets are only available on an experimental basis.

  • The feature must be enabled separately in the built-in Hub service.
  • The integration with the JetBrains Plugins Repository is not supported.

If you want to use custom widgets in your Upsource installation, consider migrating to an external Hub installation that fully supports this feature. For more information, see Migrate Data to External Hub.

Widgets in YouTrack

For YouTrack Standalone installations that use a built-in Hub service and YouTrack InCloud, the Hub service is fully integrated into YouTrack. The link to the Dashboards page is always shown in the application header.

  • If your Hub service is built into YouTrack, you can access your dashboards without leaving the application.
  • If your YouTrack installation is connected to an external Hub service, the Dashboards link navigates directly to the Hub service.

For YouTrack installations that use a built-in Hub service, these dashboards can display widgets that are compatible with both Hub and YouTrack.

Last modified: 22 May 2018