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Proxy Configuration

If you use a proxy server to protect the clients in your internal network, you may need to configure Hub to make HTTP connections with other applications through the proxy server. You may also need to set up communication through the proxy server when you use an authentication module that connects to a third party service.

Proxy-related System Properties

Use the following system properties to let Hub connect through a proxy server:




The host name of your proxy server.


The port number that the proxy server listens to.


The host name of your secure proxy server.


The port number that the secure proxy server listens to.

http.nonProxyHostsA list of hosts that Hub accesses directly, bypassing the proxy server.
  • Delimit multiple hosts with a vertical bar.

  • Use the asterisk as a wildcard character to specify a pattern.

The list of non-proxy hosts can be used with both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. If this property is not set, all traffic is routed through the proxy server.

To learn how to set these properties in Hub, see Configure JVM Options


If you are using a proxy server and experience problems with Hub, see if any of the following conditions apply.

ConditionYou are unable to connect Hub to an external service. For example:
  • You try to connect an external service and get a bad_request error.

  • You try to set up an authentication module and get the exception: Authentication failed. Connection refused.


The external service is unavailable.

Verify that the external service is running.

The connection is blocked by a firewall.

Open the ports in the firewall that are used by Hub and the connected service.

The connection to the external service is blocked by the proxy server.

Set the system properties for your server that let Hub connect to other services through the proxy server. Use these properties to specify the hostname and port number of your proxy server.

You are trying to connect over the wrong port.

Check the system properties for your Hub server and verify that you have set the port parameter correctly.

Last modified: 17 December 2018