Hub 2018.3 Help

Reset Default Admin Account

When you install Hub for the first time, you set the login and password for the default administrator account. This account is assigned the System Admin role in the Global project.

If you forget the credentials for the default administrator account, or have inherited an installation that was configured by another administrator, you can reset the login and password for the account to their default values. You can also set the system properties for the default administrator when you restore the account.

You can also use this procedure when two-factor authentication is enabled and the default administrator no longer has access to the authentication app that is paired with the account. Resetting the default administrator account to its default state also disables two-factor authentication.

If you run Hub as Windows service, use the following procedure.

To reset the default administrator account credentials:

  1. Stop the Hub service.

  2. Navigate to the %programdata%\JetBrains\Hub\conf\ directory.

    • If the directory already contains the hub.jvmoptions file, open the file.

    • If you have not changed the system properties or JVM options for your server, the directory contains a sample configuration file. The sample configuration file uses the .dist extension and contains a list of default JVM options. Copy the hub.jvmoptions.dist file and save it as hub.jvmoptions.

  3. Add the -Djetbrains.hub.admin.restore=true system property to the configuration file. The configuration file format is described in the file itself.

    If you want to set any of the system properties for the default administrator account, add them to the file. Add each system property to a new line. For a list of system properties, seeSystem Properties for the Default Admin Account.

  4. Start the Hub service.

    • The default administrator credentials are reset to their default values or the values that are specified in the configuration file.

  5. Log into Hub with the default administrator account.

  6. If needed, change the password for the account.

  7. Delete the -Djetbrains.hub.admin.restore=true system property from the configuration file. Otherwise, the system administrator password is reset every time you restart the Hub service.

    If you specified additional system properties for the administrator account, remove them as well.

Last modified: 17 December 2018