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On the SMTP Settings page, you configure the connection between Hub and an SMTP server. This enables notifications in Hub over email.

SMTP settings

To enable email notifications:

  1. Click the Configure SMTP server button

  2. Enter values for the following settings:




    Select the protocol that is used by your SMTP server.


    Enter the server address of your SMTP server.


    Enter the connection port for the SMTP server.

    Email "From" address

    Enter an email address to use as the "From" address for email notifications. A "From" address has two components. The first part is the sender name. The second part is the email address itself. To specify values for both components, use the format "sender name" <>.
    In many email clients, only the sender name is displayed. Others discard the sender name and display only the email address. If you do not specify a value for the sender name, the email address is also shown as the sender name in the email client.


    Enter the username of the account that is used to access the SMTP server.


    Click the Change password button to specify the password for account that is used to access the SMTP server.

    SSL key

    Select an SSL key to encrypt the connection between Hub and the SMTP server. For details, see SSL Keys.

  3. When finished, save your changes and click the Enable notifications button.

  4. Test the connection.
    • Click the Send test message button.

    • Enter an email address to which the test message should be sent.

      Smtp send test email

    • Click the Send button.

Last modified: 3 July 2019