Hub 2022.3 Help

Connect JetBrains Teamware to Hub

Hub does more than just provide single sign-on and user authentication and authorization in all applications that are connected to it. It also provides shared user, access, and project management through all connected applications. Connecting JetBrains team tools to Hub lets you experience the combined functionality of these tools.

When you connect Upsource and YouTrack to a single Hub instance, Upsource and YouTrack have the same user base. The integration between these two applications is enabled automatically.

You can also install a plugin in TeamCity that synchronizes user accounts between TeamCity and Hub.

When you integrate JetBrains teamware with an external Hub service, you can:

  • Enable single sign-on for all JetBrains teamware. Users can quickly navigate between connected services with the Services Menu.

  • Centrally manage user account details, including display names, email accounts, Jabber accounts, and VCS usernames.

  • Easily create and manage projects that include resources from TeamCity, Upsource, and YouTrack (projects, issues, repositories, code reviews).

  • Monitor your development projects in a shared Dashboard. The Dashboard supports widgets that display activity for each connected service.

Last modified: 07 February 2023